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Torquay Museum

Whilst visiting Torquay, whether a wet day or dry, take the time to visit the Museum. A place where it is easy to become engrossed in past events and local history.

Agatha Christie Gallery
Enjoy the Agatha Christie Gallery within Torquay Museum a two minute walk from The Shirley. Britain's only permanent gallery dedicated to the life story of Torquay's most famous daughter, the world's undisputed Queen of Crime. Trace the eventful life of the best-selling author of all time through a vast collection of photographs and images. See some of her personal effects, from an original manuscript and handwritten notes to some of her clothes and dozens of first editions of her novels.

The Time Ark Gallery
English Riviera - the last 400 million years
From a tropical coral sea to an ice-bound landscape, The English Riviera has changed radically over the last 400 million years. The Time Ark Gallery charts this transformation, exploring Devon's unique geology and evolving ecosystems, and telling the story of Kents Cavern prehistoric caves - Britain's oldest ancient monument. Kents Cavern is within walking distance of The Shirley.

Kents Cavern

You can see an incredible collection of some of the highlights of the story of our planet Earth and the catastrophic changes that took place, throughout different periods including the Jurassic period and the Ice Age.

There are many items that can be touched within The Time Ark Gallery including elephant tusks, a lion skin and fossils which can be handled. There is also a place where rubbings can be taken.

Explorers and Egyptomania Gallery
This gallery is the showpiece of the Museum and shows enthralling pieces collected by Torquay based explorers, who have travelled across the world.

See for yourself the mummy of a four year old boy in his sarcophagus with its hieroglyphic writing and a reconstruction of the little boy entombed within.

There are plenty of activities within this gallery to keep everyone interested whilst visiting. You may enjoy becoming a newspaper reporter on a game developed by the BBC called the 'Curse of the Mummy's Hand'.

The Old Devon Farmhouse
Travel back in time when entering the farmhouse, a full size reconstruction of an 1860 Devon farmhouse complete with the sounds and smells!

The Old Devon Farmhouse

The contents were left to the Museum by Charles Hay Laycock, who wrote the book 'The Old Devon Farmhouse', published in 1998. The descriptions from his book were so good that it was possible for the museum to recreate four rooms, the front kitchen, the parlour, the back kitchen and the dairy and cheese room along with a Linhay, which is a shed for storing farming equipment.

Museum opening times: Monday to Saturday all year - 10am to 5pm. Mid July to September open Sunday afternoons 1.30pm to 5pm.